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Who we Are

Alive in Christ Ministries is an interdenominational Christian action led by Peet Scholtz and Anna Scholtz from the Karoo Town, Worcester. Worcester is situated in a semi arid habitat with plenty of fresh air and sunshine - the ideal place for a TB Hospital where TB patients and substance addicted patients can recuperate.

About Peet Scholtz and Anna Scholtz

Peet Scholtz and Anna Scholtz are equipped to fulfill the mission and vision of Alive in Christ through many years of experience as well as the calling and anointing of Jesus Christ.

Anna prays and advises the ministry and Peet fulfills the role of hospital worker and minister.

The Role of Prayer and Intercession

Intercession prayer plays a vital, daily role in our work as some of the patients die in the hospital.

Therefore we pray:

“Living Lord, Spirit of God, Glide over [mention person’s name], as You glided over the mature bodies of Abraham and Sarah, and rejuvenated them. Lord, heal his body from this terrible illness if it is Your will. Heal him from possible hurt in his inner life. Please accept him as your child.  Give him peace in his life here on earth or with You in the afterlife. If it is Your will, let him go home healthy and use him in Your service to Your heart’s joy, even here in hospital, or at home or anywhere else please. In the name of Jesus. Amen.”


Our first and foremost need is intercession prayer

  1. A caring attitude for needy people

  2. Pray for Peet and Anna, as children of the King, anointed and called to reach the broken hearted, and pray for all their patients

  3. An additional Xhosa couple to minister to approximately 30% of Xhosa patients

  4. One additional woman worker for the Afrikaans and English speaking patients

•Workers at the other Hospitals

  1. Funding: Transport, reading material, counseling, staff expenditure, etc.

  2. When you want to donate contributions please contact Peet on e-mail or personally.

About BKH

The hospital currently has 199 beds for TB patients.

•89 male [24 beds for drug resistant cases]

•60 female [24 beds for drug resistant cases]

•50 children [10 beds for drug resistant cases]

Admission criteria:

Diagnosed TB patients:

•Who are too ill / weak to take medication at the local clinic

And therefore needs admission to hospital

•Who have toxic side effects of TB medication

•Who need injections and cannot receive it on a daily basis at the nearest clinic

•Who have a history of defaulting TB treatment

•Who have very poor economical circumstances

Proverbs 24:11: “Don’t hesitate to rescue someone who is about to be executed unjustly.”

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Alive in Christ Ministries - Living the Calling of Christ

Jesus said, that whatever you do for the least of these, you are doing it for Him. The hospitals are full of people in need, for whom a caring touch or a kind word, will mean the world. Their salvation is worth the time it takes to reach out, and bring the light and love of Jesus Christ into their lives.

Peet Scholtz and Anna Scholtz

Peet Scholtz is passionate about serving Jesus, and those with broken lives. Peet Scholtz believes that through prayer, we can change lives. Please join Peet in praying for people at the hospital.

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